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  • IOC Winter Olympic Program Commission Report: Skating


    The International Olympic Committee has released its report on the Winter Sports from the Turin Olympics. The report, prepared by the IOC Program Commission and IOC Sports Department, is a compilation of information on the seven sports of the Winter Games, including data on the popularity and cost of staging competitions. Here is information from the report on skating:

    Federation: International Skating Union

    Number of Olympic Events: 24, in three disciplines (figure skating, short track speed skating, speed skating)

    Year introduced to Olympic Games: 
        - Figure Skating: Men’s – 1924; Women’s – 1924; Pairs – 1924; Ice Dancing – 1976     
        - Short Track Speed Skating: Men’s – 1992; Women’s – 1992 
        - Speed Skating: Men’s – 1924; Women’s - 1960

    Number of Member Federations: 60

    Tickets Sold in 2006 Turin Olympics: 179,189

    Television Coverage:

    - Average number of viewer hours per day of competition for 2006 Olympics: Figure Skating – 154,509,969; Short Track Speed Skating – 44,611,591; Speed Skating – 60,714,328

    - Average number of prime-time viewer hours per day of competition for 2006 Olympics: Figure Skating – 77,934,501; Short Track Speed Skating – 23,655,065; Speed Skating – 11,637,697


    Published Articles from 1/27/06 – 3/12/06: 2,289 (22% of total articles about the Winter Olympics, based on a private marketing study used by the IOC)

    Sport Page Visits on IOC Website during 2006 Olympics: 305,524 (22% of total views)

    Gender in Sport:

    - Percentage of national federations which took part in Turin qualifying events: 
        o Figure Skating: Men – 72.9%; Women – 72.9% 
        o Short Track Speed Skating: Men – 57.6%; Women – 57.6% 
        o Speed Skating: Men – 47.5%; Women – 36.6%

    - Federation’s Governing Body (11 members): Men – 8; Women – 3

    Athletes’ Commission: No

    Number of Doping Tests in 2005: 2,162 (no anti-doping violations)

    Revenues (2002-2005): 
        - From Olympics: 10.6% 
        - Marketing & Broadcasting: 70.5%

    Costs (as assessed by IOC experts; no benchmark figures are available): 
        - Venue Costs: 
            o Figure Skating: Low if venue already exists, very high if new 
            o Short Track Speed Skating: Low 
            o Speed Skating: High 
        - Technology: 
            o Figure Skating: Fairly high 
            o Short Track Speed Skating: Medium 
            o Speed Skating: High 
        - Technology complexity: 
            o Figure Skating: Very high 
            o Short Track Speed Skating: Fairly high 
            o Speed Skating: Fairly high 
        - TV Production per day of competition: 
            o Figure Skating: $195,533 
            o Short Track Speed Skating: $195,533 
            o Speed Skating: $232,350

    Click here to access the full report at the IOC website.

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