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  • FIVB Presents New Lausanne HQ, New Ball for Olympics


    FIVB President Ruben Acosta with the new Mikasa volleyball. (FIVB)  
    (ATR) New headquarters and a new ball design were among changes for volleyball announced by the FIVB announced during a press luncheon at the 2007 Women’s World Cup in Tokyo.

    Federation president Ruben Acosta told reporters about the opening of Chateau Les Tourrelles, which will serve as the federation’s new home.

    “My wife Malù was the supervisor of the magnificent restyle of one of the most wonderful castles in Switzerland,” Acosta said. “We will offer meeting and working facilities to the FIVB Family and one of the most modern installations in a sport organization office.”

    The new complex is scheduled to open in April.

    Acosta unveiled a prototype of the new volleyball that could be in use for the 2008 Olympics. Made by Mikasa, the ball features a higher bounce, dimples on the ball’s surface, and less glue than the current volleyballs. The FIVB will send test versions of the new volleyballs to teams participating in the women’s World Cup to test throughout the competition.

    “Together with our sponsor Mikasa, we’ve studied a new type of ball for our sport, and we will ask the teams to test the prototypes and report to us their feelings,” said Acosta. “Volleyball was the first sport to use a colored ball and other sports followed us. Now it is time for new visions, with a new design and a different technological process that could affect positively not only the appeal of Volleyball, but also the ball control by players. Our plan is to use this new ball as a major change for the next Olympic Games in Beijing.”

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