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  • Pound Re-Elected As WADA President


    (ATR) The WADA board of directors re-elected Richard Pound as president, and chose Danish sport minister Brian Mikkelsen as the first vice-chairman of the World Anti-Doping Agency. <BR><BR>The 12-member Foundation Board, which met over the weekend in Montreal, voted unanimously for Canada's Pound and for Mikkelsen. The post of vice-chairman, which existed since WADA's creation in 1999, was never filled because national governments could not agree on a name.<BR><BR>Pound, who has headed the agency since its inception, will step down at the end of his three-year term. Mikkelsen will be up for re-election in one year. <BR><BR>WADA also approved a 7.5% increase in its 2005 budget, said Pound at a press conference in Montreal Sunday. The agency will have 21.7 million US dollars to spend next year in its battle against doping. <BR><BR>Collections from member states "are going very well. We will be over 90 percent at the end of year, which is the most we ever had," Pound said. The organization is funded in equal parts by national governments and by the Olympic movement.<BR><BR>The board voted to create an athletes' working committee, which will be headed by hockey legend Viacheslav Fetisov, a former Olympic champion who is now chairman of Russia's State Committee for Physical Culture and Sport.<BR><BR>The committee's job will be to "consider all the issues in the fight against doping and provide a more comprehensive input on all of these questions," explained Pound.<BR><BR>The Foundation Board's Executive Committee also approved the accreditation of a new laboratory in Warsaw, Poland, bringing to 33 the number of accredited laboratories. In addition, it decided to open a WADA regional office in Latin America. <BR><BR>The Board did not discuss specifically a report from the Independent Observer regarding the Olympics in Athens, but Pound said that "some more testing" will be done in Lausanne on blood samples from the 2004 Games, and that "there may be some nasty surprises out there for people who think they have a medal around their neck." <BR><BR>The week's Olympic News, in the November 26 issue of Around the Rings, for subscribers only. <BR><BR>A bonus with this week's issue: The Campaign for 2012, a special edition from Around the Rings.Com.<BR><BR>A correction: in our November 19 issue, we incorrectly stated that Richard Pound would be elected to a second four-year term at the head of WADA. In Montreal, he was elected to a third three-year term. <BR><BR>(Copyright 2004, all rights reserved. The information in this report may not be published, excerpted, or otherwise distributed in print or broadcast without the express prior consent of Around the Rings.)