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  • NOCs, Sports, Warned of Olympic Bans


    WADA President Richard Pound. (Getty)  
    (ATR) The chairman of the World Anti Doping Agency repeats his warning that that sports and countries that do not accept the World Anti Doping Code could be banned from the Beijing Olympics.

    “We're not trying to embarrass anyone” Richard Pound said Sunday at the conclusion of a meeting in Montreal of the World Anti Doping Agency executive committee.

    Pound declined to specify which organizations were at risk.

    “We're just saying you have a long way to go and you should know that if we were deciding this in September 2007 you would be offside. If that happens again in 2008 it is a much more serious situation so get on with it”.

    Last week, the International Ice Hockey Federation
    acted to adopt the code.

    In other business at the WADA meeting, the 2008 Prohibited Substances list was adopted. Changes to the list include banning selective androgen receptor modulators, a molecule that has the same affect as anabolic steroids and intravenous infusions except “in the treatment of acute medical conditions”.

    The EC also reviewed proposed changes to the WADA Code for the last time ahead of the World Conference on Doping in Sport. The changes could be adopted at the conference set for November in Madrid.

    Former Australian Finance Minister New South Wales Premier John Fahey’s bid for the chairmanship of WADA was approved by the EC Sunday.

    Fahey, 61, is challenging Jean Francois Lamour of France, the current executive vice president of WADA and former sports minister in France.

    Lamour, who has been considered the front-runner as the only candidate to succeed Pound, said the Fahey’s candidacy was approved at the EC meeting by a bloc of votes “without any mandate from their member governments''.

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