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  • IOC Suspends Drut, Holds Off On Park


    Guy Drut is suspended from the IOC while a court decides an appeal. (ATR) 
    (ATR) French member Guy Drut has been suspended from the IOC while he waits for word from a French court on an appeal of his conviction on corruption charges, according to a release from Lausanne.

    Drut was found guilty in October of receiving illegal compensation from a sports company in the early 1990's, at the same time he held elected positions with regional and municipal governments, but prior to becoming an IOC member several years later. He was ordered to pay a fine and received a suspended jail sentence.

    An announcement from IOC headquarters says the Ethics Commission inquiry will be continued until May 31, 2006 to see if Drut's appeal is successful.

    Nonetheless, Drut, for now, is suspended as a member, according to the IOC notice "for the duration of the inquiry, all the rights, prerogatives and functions deriving from Mr Guy Drut?s membership of the IOC."

    The decision to suspend Drut comes one week after he was re-elected to the Executive Committee of the European Olympic Committees, a post for which he presumably is not eligible at this time.

    In another Ethics Commission case, South Korean IOC member Yong Sung Park will not be
    Yong Sung Park, IOC member from S. Korea, keeps his IOC privileges for now. (ATR) 
    suspended as he awaits disposition of criminal charges lodged against him Seoul last month.

    Park and three of his brothers were charged in connection with a slush fund maintained by their family company. Though charged, Park was not arrested or jailed, which the IOC cited in its decision "not to apply provisional measures" to Park.

    "The Ethics Commission continues to deal with the case, and is closely following developments in the situation," concludes the IOC statement.

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