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  • ARISF Opposes Olympic Sports Re-Vote


    (ATR) The association representing sports seeking to join the Olympics says it opposes a new vote by the IOC to reverse the expulsion of baseball and softball from the 2012 Games.

    A declaration from the Association Recognized International Sports Federations says a re-vote by the IOC at the February Session in February "would completely undermine the process" adopted for the addition and deletion of sports.

    ARISF President Jan Fransoo tells Around the Rings the association "expects the IOC to treat all sports equally in the next vote in the program in 2009."

    IOC President Jacques Rogge has said that the IOC Executive Board will not intervene to help baseball and softball win reconsideration. He says only the IOC Session can bring up the question.

    Despite a vote to oust two sports from the 2012 program, the IOC Session held in July at Singapore rejected adding any of the five ARISF member sports nominated to join the program. Golf, karate, roller sports, rugby and squash all failed to win approval.

    Fransoo says ARISF supports a change in the IOC rules for adding sports that would lower the majority needed to join from 2/3's to a simple majority.

    Baseball and softball have both launched campaigns to seek a new vote by the IOC, based on the narrow margin of defeat they suffered. Softball was one vote short of the simple majority needed to remain in the Olympics, baseball lost by three votes.

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