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  • Nine Cities for Olympic Congress Bids


    Lausanne, host of the 1921 Olympic Congress wants to host one in the 21st century. (ATR) 
    (ATR) Nine cities are seeking the 2009 Olympic Congress and IOC Session, the list confirmed by the IOC Executive Board at its meeting this week in Lausanne.

    Athens, Busan, Cairo, Copenhagen, Lausanne, Mexico City, Riga, Taipei and Singapore are the candidates.

    The IOC will study the files of the applicants over the next few months. In February, the EB and the Session will make the final decision.

    The 2009 meetings are expected to draw up to 5,000 and last over a period of two weeks. The size and length of the gathering will put high demands on accommodations and adequate meeting space.

    As a high-profile event for the IOC, the Session and Congress, security will also be a factor in the selection of a host city.

    The IOC Session in 2009 will decide the city to host the 2016 Summer Games, as well as being the next time sports can be added or deleted from the Olympic program.

    The Congress, first since 1994 in Paris, is a consultative arm of the IOC; 12 have been held since 1894 on various themes. The 2009 Congress will "study and discuss the current funct
    Singapore got high marks for hosting the 2005 IOC Session in July. (ATR) 
    ioning of the Olympic Movement and define the main development axes for the future," says an IOC statement.

    Of the nine cities in the running for 2009, Lausanne is the only one to have hosted an Olympic Congress, twice in fact, 1913 and 1921.

    A glance at the list reveals at least one clue about the race for the 2016 Summer Games. Whichever country ends up with the meetings will be disqualified from mounting a bid for those Games.

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