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  • French IOC Member Found Guilty


    Guy Drut's IOC seat could be in question following his conviction on corruption charges in France. (ATR) 
    (ATR) A guilty verdict on corruption charges for Guy Drut, IOC member from France. A court in Paris has handed down a suspended jail term and Drut has been ordered to pay a fine. The IOC says it will have wait for word from the Ethics Commission as to whether any action will be taken aginst Drut.

    Drut was charged with receiving money from a sporting equipment company in the early 1990's to act as a spokesman at the same time he held regional and national governmental posts.

    Prosecutors sought an 18-month jail term and an 80,000 euros fine. The court reduced the prison sentence to 15 months and the fine to 50,000 euros. Drut can appeal the conviction.

    Drut, 54, voluntarily suspended his IOC membership in May while he awaited the verdict in his trial. At the time, Paris was locked in a close race for the 2012 Olympics and he said he did not want his controversy over to overshadow the bid.

    A 1976 gold medalist in the hurdles, Drut was named to the IOC in 1996.

    The IOC says in a statement the case of Drut is with the IOC Ethics Commission, which must first decide what to do.

    Other IOC members found guilty of corruption charges in their countries have lost their seats, either through expulsion or resignations. In the case of Drut, the charges involve matters that occurred prior to his IOC membership, which might be a mitigating factor.

    Drut is one of dozens of business leaders and politicians who have been snared in a corruption crack-down in France.

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