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  • Busy Agenda for IOC Executive Board


    Hein Verbruggen hopes to return to the IOC and the chairmanship of the Beijing Coordination Commission. (ATR) 
    (ATR) For the first time since 2003, a group of new nominees will be proposedfor membership of the IOC, one of a number of key agenda items for the ruling Executive Board over the next three days at IOC headquarters in Lausanne.

    As many as five names could be offered, but other than Hein Verbruggen of The Netherlands, there are no certain nominees from nearly 100 applications reviewed Tuesday by the IOC Nominations Commission.

    Verbruggen stepped down from the IOC last month when he retired as president of the International Cycling Union, but he?s been nominated by the UCI to serve again. IOC President Jacques Rogge also wants Verbruggen to return as head of the IOC Coordination Commission for Beijing, a seat he had to vacate when he lost his IOC membership.

    "I like to work with the Chinese on this project. It's going to be a great project, a fantastic project," Verbruggen says.

    Whether he gets to return to Beijing commission chair depends on the vote he will face at the IOC Session in Turin.

    "You have to go through a vote and there?s always some tension," he says about his prospects for election.

    In other business before the EB:

    *Reports on each of the cities hosting upcoming Olympics, ending on Friday with Turin, just before IOC President Jacques Rogge's press conference. With budget worries for the Games and concern that Italian legislators will not suspend the country's anti-doping laws during the Olympics, Rogge may signal alarm ? or ease with the situation.

    *A wrap-up of the Jerome Young case in which the IOC and IAAF tried to strip the medals from all athletes on the gold medal 4X400m relay team from the U.S. at the 2000 Games. The Court of Arbitration for Sport ruled months ago
    Yong Sung Park gets permission to travel to Lausanne to promote Busan's bid for the 2009 IOC Session and Olympic Congress. (ATR) 
    those medals will stay put.

    *Tinkering with the disciplines of the 2012 Olympic program could produce more entries for women.

    *Lausanne, Busan, South Korea and other cities interested in hosting the 2009 IOC Session and Olympic Congress make their pitches to the EB, which will recommend finalists for a vote in Turin.

    *On behalf of the Busan 2009 bid, S.Korean IOC member Yong-sung Park has been permitted by prosecutors to travel to Lausanne. He is under a criminal investigation for a slush fund at his company, one of the country's oldest corporations.

    *The cities applying to bid for the 2014 Winter Olympics will have their names drawn by lot to determine their order of presentation from now until the IOC vote in July 2007.

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