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  • IOC President Recuperates


    Jacques Rogge in Rio de Janeiro in August. (ATR) 
    (ATR) IOC President Jacques Rogge is said to be recovering from a bad cold after being taken by ambulance to hospital from his office at IOC headquarters this week, hours after returning from a trip to China.

    IOC communications chief Giselle Davies tells Around the Rings that Rogge is on the mend and his been recovering at home all week, keeping up with work by telephone

    "He will keep all of his obligations in the next week", says Davies.

    It's a busy week that will include an appearance Monday in Monaco at the annual Sportel trade show and meetings of IOC commissions and the executive board ending on Friday.

    In an interview with ATR in August, Rogge, 63, said he was in good health as he commented about whether he is considering running for the four-year extension of his term in 2009.

    In 2003 he underwent surgery for repair of a heart valve; later that year a bad cold kept him from traveling to Vancouver for his first visit to the 2010 Olympic city.

    Since becoming IOC President in 2001 Rogge has maintained a grueling travel schedule, on the road about 100 days a year. The trip to China last week was his third in a year.

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