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  • Bid Scandal Trial Witness List Published


    (ATR) - With the publication of a once-sealed witness list for the trial of former Salt Lake City bid leaders Tom Welch and Dave Johnson, our Oct. 28 report was incorrect to report that South Korea's Un Yong Kim, IOC vice president, might be called to testify, but his son would not.

    The opposite is the case, based on the list appearing in today's edition of the Salt Lake City Tribune,

    Our reporting was based on mis-hearing names mentioned by attorneys for the prosecution and defense as they queried potential jurors for the bribery and conspiracy trial at the U.S. courthouse in Salt Lake City. Our regrets for the error.

    The witness list also includes IOC members DeFrantz, Easton and Pound, as well as John Kim and the sons of one other current and one former IOC member.

    Atlanta Olympics President Billy Payne and Andrew Young, co-chairmen of the organizing committee, are on the list as is Mike Leavitt, the governor of Utah, who is about to become the director of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

    Judge David Sam said yesterday in court that selection of the 12-member jury and two alternates may be complete by the end of today.

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