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  • IOC Selects Four Bid Cities for 2016


    (ATR) Four cities remain in the race for the 2016 Olympics. Chicago, Madrid, Rio de Janeiro, and Tokyo make the short list decided Wednesday by the IOC Executive Board.

    Baku, Doha, and Prague missed the cut.

    Chicago offers a bid organized around Lake Michigan including an Olympic Village near the city center. About 60 percent of venues needed for the Games are in place. A temporary stadium is planned for the ceremonies and athletics.

    The high quality of the Madrid airport and public transit puts it near the top of the transportation ranking in the ATR Olympic Bid Power Index. The unsuccessful, but well-regarded bid for the 2012 Olympics has been retooled slightly. New venues plus an Olympic Village would be located in the northeast suburbs of the city, close to the airport and transport. Barcelona in 1992 was Spain’s only previous Olympic Games.

    Rio de Janeiro stresses its experience as host to the 2007 Pan American Games. Rio will also be one of the cities hosting World Cup matches in 2014, the second time for that event in Brazil. South America has never hosted the Olympics.

    Tokyo offers an ambitious construction program that is supposed to leave legacy for sport and help with the greening of the city. Japan has hosted two Winter Olympics and the 1964 Games, which are providing venues included in the plan for 2016.

    Doha is the first Middle Eastern city to make a serious bid for the Games, but their plans to build a legacy for the region was apparently not persuasive enough to make the shortlist. Organizers highlighted the venues and their experience from the well-run 2006 Asian Games for their Olympic bid.

    Baku and Prague, nixed from the shortlist, also fared the worst in the ATR Olympic Bid Power Index for lacking in key areas. Prague needed extensive infrastructure renovations totaling $27 billion. Baku needed to build all venues to host an Olympics though it did promise a strong legacy program.

    Written by Ed Hula III.

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