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  • London 2012 FriendShip Week


    (ATR) London 2012 cultural Olympics will undergo an early test this week with FriendShip Week. Schoolchildren will participate in sporting and cultural events during the week-long program centered on Olympic Day, June 23.

    If London wins the bid, the Olympic Friendship, a sea-faring clipper, will be launched after the 2008 Games and will sail around the world until the 2012 Games. The ship would be staffed with artists, scientists, and students.

    The project is the creation of Dame Jude Kelly, head of London 2012's cultural program. The London plan for the cultural Olympiad may be the most advanced of any of the five bid cities.

    On the schedule for FriendShip week is an opening ceremony in which five Liver
    Dame Jude Kelly is director of the Cultural Olympics for the London bid. (ATR) 
    pool children exchange FriendShip flags with five London children. There will also be conferences to debate cultural issues, including a discussion at King's College London, in which a 10 step plan will be created to support the 300 languages spoken in London.

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