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  • London Promises Low Carbon Olympics


    (ATR) Organizers of London?s 2012 Olympic bid are promising to offset the 35,000 tons of carbon emissions resulting from people involved with the Games traveling to London by air in the seven years leading to the Olympics.

    In conjunction with World Environment Day 2005, the London bid proposes to offset emissions with "support for renewable energy projects with strong sustainable development benefits in developing countries," according to a release from the bid.

    The statement says the purchase and retirement of emission reduction credits will be used to fulfill the pledge along with investment in new projects "to promote access to clean energy in Least Developed Countries."

    "We will create a Games that will have a lasting influence on the way people think and behave. A Games that will help change the way people live as individuals and as members of a wider community, a global community," says bid chair Sebastian Coe.

    London 2012 environmental expert David Stubbs:

    "Our approach, which we term Carbon Offset Plus, goes beyond merely offsetting emissions and aims to spread environmental and social benefits beyond London to countries where the impacts of climate change are most acutely felt."

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