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  • Brawl for Russian Olympic Cmte President


    Russian NOC President Leonid Tyagachyov. (ATR) 
    (ATR) A billionaire, sports stars and sports officials have all been nominated for the presidency of the Russian Olympic Committee, a seven candidate race to be decided on Dec. 22.

    Incumbent Leonid Tyagachyov may face the strongest challenge from Irina Rodnina, chair of the Sports Russia volunteer society and the favorite of Russian sports minister Vyacheslav Fetisov.

    Others nominated include Vladimir Lisin, president of the Russian Shooting Sports Federation and a magnate in the metals business; Valery Kuzin and Viktor Khotochkin, both ROC vice presidents; swimmer and IOC member Alexander Popov; Valentin Balakhnichev, president of the all-Russian Athletics Federation.

    Kevin O'Flynn reports in the Moscow Times that a source says Fetisov is "in clear and hostile opposition to Tyagachyov.

    "His dream is to see Tyagachyov removed," the source is quoted in the newspaper.

    Tyagachyov, Russian ski fede
    Irina Rodnina is one of seven candidates for the Russian NOC presidency. 
    ration chief and Vladimir Putin's ski instructor, has served as NOC president since 2001.

    Rodnina tells O'Flynn she does have the support of Fetisov but that she doesn?t view the election as a battle between the minister and Tyagachyov.

    "It is a fight for united control over the whole of sports," says Rodnina, a three-time medalist in figure skating.

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