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  • Paralympic Committee Adopts Reforms


    (ATR) The International Paralympic Committee is moving ahead with governance reforms. In a meeting in Athens the ruling executive committee approved a plan that puts them out of work and creates a new, smaller governing body.

    Spokeswoman Miriam Wilkins tells Around the
    that the 22-member executive committee will be replaced by a governing board. Composed of 14 members, all but two elected, Wilkins says the new board is aimed at making the IPC a more democratic organization.

    She says the changes are part of long range strategic plan for IPC reform. Next comes a vote by the IPC general assembly set for November in Cairo, with the changes to take effect in 2005.

    The IPC leadership has also endorsed plans for Rio de Janeiro to host the first Parapanamerican Games in 2007, to be held in conjunction with the Pan American Games.

    "The IPC is moving into a new, exciting era?, said IPC President Phil Craven at the conclusion of the meeting, just two days before the start of the Athens Paralympics.

    More on the IPC meeting and the Athens Paralympics in the September 17 issue of Around the Rings, for subscribers only.