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  • 10 Years Since Atlanta Olympics Ceremony


    Spain's water polo team celebrates their 1996 victory. Third from right is future IOC member Manuel Estiarte. (ATR) 
    (ATR) While 10th anniversary tributes have already started in Atlanta, July 19 is the actual day in 1996 for opening ceremony of the Atlanta Olympics. Containing scenes from then and now, Around the Rings presents its latest photo gallery.

    With more than 10,300 athletes from 197 countries, Atlanta was the biggest Olympic Games - until Sydney four years later.

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    Remembered for some operational snafus, out-of-control street vending and a security lapse that led to the Centennial Olympic Park bombing, the Atlanta Olympics are still the most heavily attended Olympics, with more than 8 million tickets sold.

    Events in Atlanta marking the 10th anniversary this week include the opening of the new museum dedicated to the Games at the Atlanta History Center and July 15 Gala in Centennial Olympic Park.

    In a speech this week to community leaders, Atlanta Olympics President Billy Payne, chose not to reminisce about the Olympics. He pitched his idea of what Atlanta's next "enormous" dream should be: creation of a civil rights museum to promote the
    The Centennial Olympic Games Museum. (ATR) 
    ideas of Martin Luther King, Jr. worldwide.

    Atlanta is not the only Olympic city celebrating an anniversary this month.

    IOC president Jacques Rogge was in Montreal this week for the 30th anniversary of those Games. Moscow, Los Angeles '84, London '48, Barcelona, and Helsinki all were underway in late July.

    Next week, Stockholm celebrates the 50th anniversary of its hosting of the equestrian events for the 1956 Games. Melbourne, host to all the other events, was off limits for horses due to quarantine issues.

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