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  • Low Key Sydney Olympics Anniversary


    John Coates at the 2004 Games in Athens. (ATR) 
    (ATR) A dinner at Sydney Olympic Park with Olympians is the big event of the day on this fifth anniversary of the 2000 Games. Otherwise, the date is not drawing much attention, Australian Olympic Committee President John Coates tells Around the Rings.

    But Coates says even without anniversary fanfare, the legacy of the Sydney Games continues to provide the Australian Olympic Committee with the funding to be one of the top five powers on the Olympic Games field of play.

    ?This is largely a result of the financial legacy from Sydney. We provide money to athletes, are able to fund a full team to the Olympics. In Athens we sent our biggest team ever to an overseas Games, 482,? says Coates.

    The AOC received AUS $90 million as its share of marketing rights from the Games, which has since grown to $125 million. The money earned from the endowment provides $25 million in funding for the Australian committee every four years.

    Where are they now? What are they now? More on the people and places of the Sydney Olympics five years later, in the September 16 issue of Around the Rings.Com.