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  • Kenteris Speaks on Olympics Scandal


    (ATR) Greek sprinter Costas Kenteris tells an Athens TV station that he had no idea he had been summoned for a drug test in the Athens Olympic Village the day before opening ceremonies.

    Kenteris admits it might have been ?irresponsible? to speed back to the village on a motorcycle when he heard about the testing call, but he tells Alter TV that he and his training partner Katernia Thanou crashed their motorcycle.

    He says he went ?crazy? when he heard he might be kicked out of the Olympics.

    Kenteris, the gold medalist in the 200 meters in Sydney and Thanou, silver medalist in the 100 in Atlanta, turned in their credentials to the IOC a week later rather than risk being expelled from the Games.

    Greek prosecutors who have been investigating the crash are expected to file some charges this week against the two, as well as staff at the hospital where they stayed in seclusion after the crash. The charges are expected to be minor, involving filing of false reports.

    While Kenteris has proclaimed his innocence for missing a drug test, he and Thanou face an inquiry on similar charges from the International Association of Athletics Federations.

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