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  • Athens Olympics Donates Surplus Gear


    (ATR) More than 125 million euros worth of equipment from the Athens Olympics will go to government agencies and charities, the distribution to start in a few days.

    Alternate Culture Minister Fanni Palli-Petralia says that plans have been made for about 60% of the gear and that decisions will be made in a few days about the remainder of the stuff.

    Included in the surplus inventory are 11,180 computers, 13,000 TV sets and 500 mini vans and the jumbo screen that was placed outside the Olympic Stadium that cost 2.2 million euros.

    Not included yet in the distribution is the sports equipment from the various Olympic venues and training sites.

    Palli-Petralia says the distribution of the equipment, all purchased with public funds was accelerated to avoid wear and tear, losses and to save costs on storage.

    Olympic Properties SA, the company set up to manage Olympic venues post-Games, will be handling the disposition of the gear.

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