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  • Chinese Taipei Fiasco at Paralympics


    Wu Shu Jen (center in white) during a visit Tuesday to the Athens Paralympic Village. 
    (ATR) A diplomatic row has broken out at the Athens Paralympics over the presence of Wu Shu Jen, wife of the president of Chinese Taipei.

    The International Paralympic Committee has withdrawn Wu?s original accreditation for the Paralympics, which it says was issued by mistake.

    Spokeswoman Miriam Wilkins tells Around the that Wu was first issued a credential as president of the National Paralympic Committee, when in fact she is the honorary president of the group.

    Instead, Wilkins says Wu has been offered a credential in the category reserved for leaders of governments. So far, Wilkins says, Wu has not validated the new credential.

    Neither has the actual president of the Chinese Taipei Paralympic Committee, who is in Athens, accepted the credential once issued to Wu.

    The government in Taiwan has blamed the People?s Republic of China for provoking the credential switch, but Wilkins says that is not the case.

    She says a meeting is scheduled in Athens for Thursday to sort out the conflict. Wilkins says the IPC wants the first lady to attend the Paralympics and wants to find a way to include her.

    Wu arrived in Athens earlier this week and visited with athletes in the Paralympic Village before her credential was revoked.

    Wu, who uses a wheelchair after being struck by a truck in 1985 is a potent spokeswoman for the Paralympic Movement. Since her husband?s first election four years ago she has become Chinese Taipei?s best-known proponent of Paralympic sports.

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