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  • Athens Olympic Committee To Fade Away


    Soon to be out of jobs: Athens 2004 President Gianna Angelopoulos and ATHOC chief operating officer Marton Simitsek. 
    (ATR) The organizing committee for the 2004 Olympics, aka ATHOC, is likely to cease its operations in the first part of 2005, chief operating officer Marton Simitsek tells Around the

    He says he expects a relatively easy dissolution, well in advance of the December 2005 date set as the end of the life for the OCOG.

    The first financial figures from the wrap-up of the Games should come sometime in October, he says.

    October will also see Simitsek and his colleagues from ATHOC heading east to China for a week of debriefings in Beijing for the benefit of BOCOG. The debrief is the second one organized by the IOC?s Olympic Games Knowledge Services division for the Summer Games. A Sydney to Athens exchange took place in late 2000.

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