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  • Olympics: New Starting Point for Greece


    Greek Prime Minister Costas Karamanlis receives the Olympic Order from IOC President Jacques Rogge. (ANA) 
    (ATR) In a nationally televised speech, Greek Prime Minister Costas Karamanlis says the Olympics are ?a milestone and a starting point" for the country.

    Karamanlis said Greece needs to take advantage of the boost to its image that has resulted from the Games.

    In offering his thanks to those who made the Olympics possible, Karamanlis included the contribution of the precious government headed by Costas Simitis.

    Simitis and the PASOK party were swept from power in March after ruling throughout the seven years of preparation for the Games.

    Karamanlis assigned himself personal responsibility for the Olympics upon his election but gave day to day duties to key deputies and staff.

    The prime minister kept low-key during the Games, attending a few events. He took two days off at the end of the Olympics for a holiday in Tinos, retuning in time for a Monday morning meeting with the IOC President.