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  • Olympics Day 14: Police Battle Protest


    A demonstrator goes after police during the protest Friday night in Athens. (A.Giotopoulos for ATR) 
    (ATR) Police used tear gas to break up a protest march in the center of Athens, the most serious outbreak of trouble since the Games started two weeks ago.

    The demonstration was organized by pacifist groups who were protesting the weekend visit to Greece of U.S. secretary of state Colin Powell. He will attend the closing ceremony of the Athens Olympics.

    About 2,000 people were in the crowd when scuffles broke out with police in front of the Greek Parliament. Tear gas was fired as the crowd tried to surge past the square and head to the U.S. embassy. The protest dispersed soon after.

    On day 14 of the Athens Games, the U.S., defending gold medalist in men?s basketball was defeated by Argentina in a quarterfinal match and can only hope for a bronze medal.

    Celebrated U.S. sprinter Marion Jones, who won five medals in Sydney will go home with none from Athens after placing fifth in the long jump and taking part in a botched baton exchange in the 4X100m relay that ended her medal chances in that race.

    The women?s long jump was swept by Russia, led by Tatyana Lebedeva.

    At the close of competition on Friday, the U.S. led the medal table, followed by Russia in the overall count, with China third.

    On the next to last day of competition, 34 medals will be awarded, including the gold for soccer in a match-up between Paraguay and Argentina.

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