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  • New Doping Disqualification


    (ATR) Another athlete has been sanctioned at the Athens Games for breaching strict doping rules.

    The International Olympic Committee says it has disqualified Russia's 400m runner Anton Galkin for failing an anti-doping test.

    Galkin, 25, tested positive for stanozolol, a prohibited anabolic steroid after placing fourth in his event on August 21.

    The IOC's Executive Board, acting on a report from the disciplinary commission, decided to disqualify Galkin, who will also have his Olympic identity and accreditation card withdrawn.

    The IOC has also requested the world governing body for athletics, the IAAF, consider further action against Galkin.

    So far, over 2300 tests have been performed out of the 3000 tests that the IOC is expected to conduct throughout the period of the Games.

    And the IOC also confirmed that another gold medal could be in doubt.

    The IOC's doping officials are on the hunt for hammer throw gold medallist Adrian Annus and have asked the National Olympic Committee of Hungary to advise of his whereabouts.

    "The IOC has indeed asked the Hungarian Olympic Committee about the whereabouts of Adrian Anus," IOC spokeswoman Giselle Davies said.

    Meanwhile, Games organiser, ATHOC, says an uncharacteristic display of anger by Greek fans in support of sprint star Costas Kenteris - at last night's 200m final was a "one-off".

    The start of the event was held up for up to 10 minutes by fans who ignored appeals for silence by repeatedly chanting "Hellas" and targeted boos, jeers and whistles at competitors.

    The protest was apparently sparked by anger at the IOC and the United States over the absence of defending champion Costas Kenteris, who quit the Games after missing a drugs test.

    "What happened was an isolated incident," ATHOC spokesman Michael Zacharatos said.

    "I think the Greek fans have proved during the games that they have a sporting spirit. They have cheered not only Greek athletes but all the athletes from other nations as well."

    In the gold medal count, the US has widened its lead, adding another two last night after an extra time win in the women's football final against Brazil and Dwight Phillips took out the men's long jump event.

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