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  • Athens Olympics: U.S. Leads Gold


    The Athens Olympic Stadium has a capacity crowd for atheltics on day 13. (ATR) 
    (ATR) The United States is still topping the Athens Olympics gold medal ranking with 25, just ahead of China with 24.

    But both are still well ahead of the rest of the field.

    Australia, in third, has matched its most successful gold medal haul of 16 it achieved at Sydney in 2000.

    But Russia is making a late charge up the gold medals table, moving into fourth spot with just one less than Australia.

    That's forced Japan into fifth spot with 15 medals.

    France, Germany, Italy, Romania and Ukraine - in that order - make up the top ten in the standings.

    Meanwhile, US Olympic champion Carl Lewis has praised Athens Olympic Games, saying that once everything is said and done the memories which will linger will revolve around the faces of all the winners.

    Speaking after a meeting with Greek Sports Minister George Orphanos said nobody had imagined the Games would turn out to be so successful from beginning to end.

    "This is a wonderful experience we are living," Lewis said, adding that he feels very welcome in Greece.

    Hungarian weightlifter Robert Fazekas will appeal his disqualification as discus gold medalist champion for a doping offense to the Court of Arbitration for Sport.

    Fazekas could not supply an adequate urine sample. He is claiming anti-doping officials used Gestapo tactics in dealing with their demands for a sample.