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  • Olympics in Athens, Day 12


    Winners of the women’s triathon Wendesday in Athens, from the left: silver medalist Loretta Harrop of Australia, gold medalist Kate Allen of Austria, and bronze medalist Susan Williams from the U.S. with daughter Sydney.(ATR) 
    (ATR) The United States is leading the gold medal count at the Athens Olympicswith 25, but China is hot on its heels with just one less.

    The competition is less tight on the total medal count with the US on 74 and China on 52.

    In third spot, Australia, with 16 gold medals and a total of 41 has overtaken Japan, which drops to fourth spot with 15 gold wins and a total of 34.

    Russia, France, Germany, Italy, Romania and Ukraine - in that order - make up the top ten on Day 12 of the Games.

    Israel has picked up its first gold medal of the Games in the men's Mistral sailing event.

    Competition has now ended in baseball, beach volleyball, track cycling and

    And Australian TV networks, Nine and Ten, have been sanctioned by the
    International Olympic Committee with a written warning for flouting news access rules.

    Nine has also handed back the accreditations of one of its cameramen.

    IOC spokeswoman Giselle Davies says apart from the two Australian outlets, no other non rights-holding broadcaster has flouted coverage rules.

    Meanwhile, the drawn out doping scandal involving star Greek sprinters Costas Kenteris and Katerina Thanou is continuing, with a prosecutor seizing hospital medical records.

    The pair were hospitalized for four days after a mysterious motorcycle accident which came after they missed doping control tests.