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  • Full Moon for Olympics Closing Ceremony


    The Olympic Stadium in Athens will light up again with fireworks for closing ceremony August 29. (ATR) 
    (ATR) A full moon over Athens and a giant dance party will be the setting for Sunday?s closing ceremony of the 2004 Olympics. Producer Dimitris Papaioannou says the extravaganza will feature some of Greece?s best-known entertainers, fireworks and a cascade of 250,000 balloons.

    ?We will invite the world to dance?, he says, but spectators and athletes will keep their distance and not be allowed to mingle on the floor of the stadium.

    The August 29 ceremony will begin at 2115, Athens time.

    Papaioannou says the ceremony will reflect the happy spirit of the Greek people.

    ?Here we are warm, we are always dancing?, he says.

    A portion of the ceremony will include a cultural performance from Beijing and the ceremonial transfer of the Olympic flag from Athens to the host city for the 2008 Games.

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