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  • U.S. Sweeps 400m, Surges to Medal Lead


    (ATR) On the back of a sweep of the top three places in the 400 meters, the U.S. has a firm grip at the top of the medals table in Athens as day 10 comes to a close.

    The tally late in the day shows the U.S. with 65 medals in all and 23 gold, tied with China in that category.

    Overnight in Athens, word may come from South Korea on the next steps in efforts to secure a duplicate gold medal for
    Yang Tae Young. Young would have won the men?s all-round gymnastics competition if there had not been a scoring error that put him in the bronze position,instead.

    The International Gymnastics Federation has suspended the three judges who made the error, but says an appeal from South Korea has come too late to change the results.

    In other news from Athens, the head of the International Weightlifting Federation says he cannot understand why Greek weightlifter Leonidas Sampanis tested positive for elevated levels of testosterone. But Tamas Ajan says he stands by the IOC decision to strip the bronze medal Samapanis won a week ago.

    An inquiry has been launched in Greece into the possibility that Sampanis may have drink a beverage spiked with chemicals after he competed.

    Words of praise for Athens are coming from Turkey, one of Greece?s regional rivals. Deputy prime minister Mehmet Ali Sahinrrently says the Athens Games will be remembered ?as the best Olympic Games?.

    ?We, the Turkish delegation, are experiencing the best Greek hospitality here. We see this everywhere, wherever we go?, he says.

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