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  • Around the Games: Scalpers Warning


    Sales are steady at ticket kiosks: 82,000 tickets were sold on Wednesday.(ATR) 
    Athens 2004 is putting Olympic ticket scalpers on notice.

    A warning was issued following reports that ticket scalpers have been clearly visible plying their trade outside the Olympic Stadium and the central OAKA complex.

    Scalping tickets is illegal in Greece.

    "We've asked from day one should people try to resell tickets at a higher price than their face value that they should report it immediately to us or to the
    police authorities," ATHOC spokesman Michael Zaccharatos.

    "Immediate action will be taken when we have the details, the time and the place."

    Meanwhile, the apparent smooth running of the Athens Olympics has earned a mention from the IOC.

    IOC spokeswoman Giselle Davies says there's such an absence of problems in the Olympic city that today's Coordination Commission meeting, the daily gathering of officials monitoring progress of the event, lasted just eight minutes.

    "There will be no meeting tomorrow because there is no need to have one because there is no issues that need discussing," she told journalists.

    The IOC has also come under fire from some sections of the Greek media who are upset by the display of the surrendered accreditations of Costas Kenteris and Katerina Thanou, as well as their coach Christos Tsekos, at
    a media briefing yesterday.

    The three handed in their credentials rather than face the sanctions of an IOC disciplinary hearing on charges Kenteris and Thanou missed two drug tests since July 30.

    "The IOC would never gloat on such a thing," Davies said.

    "The IOC is saddened by athletes not playing by the rules."