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  • Olympic Traffic Restrictions In Place


    A red line marks the Olympic traffic lanes that have opened across the Athens region. 
    (ATR) Traffic restrictions are now in affect across Athens with the opening of dedicated Olympic lanes. Travel in the lanes requires a permit to enable transport to flow as smoothly as possible between Olympic venues stretched across the region.

    The restrictions came into place on Sunday when traffic lows are lower, so the real test will come on Monday. However, traffic volume and congestion for which Athens is notorious has been absent in these final days to the Games.

    The restrictions are one of several temporary measures faced by Athenians in the month of August. One leading newspaper headline shouts ?The No?s of August? in its coverage of the new rules.

    Along with the restricted lanes, transportation to a number of venues will be speeded by the new ring road system built over the past few years and now fully operational. The toll road reaches the airport and eliminates hour-long drives to the city.

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