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  • Athens Airport Trains Are Rolling


    Each train in the new airport link can carry 1,000 passengers. (ATR) 
    (ATR) Athens adds a new jewel to its collection of Olympic competed Olympic projects this weekend with the first rail service from the center of the city to Athens International Airport. The travel time for the 40 km trip is about 40 minutes. The fare is eight euros one way, 12 euros for a round trip.

    Like a number of big projects, concerns loomed over whether the rail link would be done in time for the Games.
    Transport Minister Michael Liapis says Greece has proved otherwise.

    ?Despite the fact that even a few months ago no one believed that the suburban rail would be completed, despite the serious concerns of the IOC, we did it," he told reporters as the first trains rolled toward the airport.

    There were some hiccups in the first hours of the new service but travel was smooth on Saturday, the trains filled more with curious Athenians than airport travelers, taking advantage a fare-free week

    At the airport, a gleaming rail station is connected to the airport by moving walkway, making an easy connection to the terminal.

    Along with the new airport line, Athens now has tram service to the coast, an overhauled and expanded Metro system and its first set of ring roads, eliminating downtown Athens as the crossroads of the region.

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