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  • Athens Getting Dressed for the Olympics


    Apartment block in Athens after a building wrap. (ATR) 
    July 15, 2004 (ATR) -- Athens Olympics organisers have unveiled plans for a badly-needed spruce up of the city ahead of the Games.

    With the Olympics now 30 days away, Athens is putting on its best clothes for the party.

    ?From now until the 13th of August, we are, all of us, putting the final touches to the painting of the 28th Olympic Games,? says ATHOC president Gianna Angelopoulos.

    One of those final touches is the ?Olympic Look of the City? program, which will see the decoration of 570 km of streets with multi-colored banners.

    The spruce-up includes the use of more than 20,000 banners, 900 decorative ribbons, 21,000 metres of bridge-covering material, 31,000 square meters for fabric banners to cover buildings and 12 illuminated inflated balloons at the center of Athens.

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