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  • Major Decision Looms for Stadium Roof


    (ATR) - In the aftermath of last week's decision that scrapped plans for a roof over the swimming pool for the 2004 Olympics, the Greek government is now mulling its options on a much bigger project - the steel and glass roof for the Olympic Stadium.

    With 143 days left until the Games, the stadium site in northern Athens is a daunting scene, strewn with the pieces of the roof under assembly, the massive arches looming above.

    Completion of the stadium three weeks before the Olympics may be too close for the International Olympic Committee. The IOC, which has declared the 140 million euros roof as unnecessary, is waiting for a pronouncement from the Greek government as to whether the project will be mothballed or rushed to completion.

    The two-week-old government of Costas Karamanlis could stop the work and pin the blame on over-ambitious plans of the previous government, but the unfinished work will be hard to ignore in the glare of the Olympic spotlight.

    This week, in his first speech to the newly formed Parliament, Karamanlis says "consensus" is the key to delivering Olympic projects without further delays.

    The IOC is said to be on the verge of posting a two person team to Athens to work with the organizing committee and government to solve problems as they arise on a daily basis.