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  • A "Sophisticated Campaign Of Bribery"


    OCTOBER 31, 2003 (ATR) - Prosecutors have launched their trial of Tom Welch and Dave Johnson, claiming the two former bid leaders "chose to wage a sophisticated campaign of bribery" to win the Winter Games for Salt Lake City.

    Taking an hour to present the government's case, prosecutor John Scott used a series of charts and slides to explain the charges, telling jurors Welch and Johnson identified IOC members who would take bribes.

    Scott says Jean-Claude Ganga, the disgraced former IOC member from the Congo took a "jackpot" - some $322,000 in cash, gifts and travel.

    But in their opening statements, lawyers for Welch and Johnson say they clients did nothing wrong and were only taking part in a "team effort" to win the Games.

    Bill Taylor told the court that Utah politicians, business leaders and professionals all helped spread the largesse among IOC members.

    The first witnesses will be called to testify when court resumes on November 3.