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  • Sudden Recess for SLC Trial


    NOVEMBER 13, 2003 (ATR) - Mystery surrounds a sudden recess in the bribery trial of Tom Welch and Dave Johnson. Instead of testimony, U.S. Judge David Sam called a halt to the trial for the day and sent the jury home.

    There's been no explanation of what's taking place, but the behind the scenes move is likely linked to the testimony of Rod Hamson, the former finance officer for the Salt Lake City bid.

    On the stand as a witness for the prosecution, Hamson is now under cross examination by the defense, which has poked holes in Hamson's testimony last week that payments to IOC members were hidden from members of the bid board of directors.

    The defense has also raised evidence that appears to show Hamson was reimbursed for airplane tickets for which he had been paid once by the bid committee.

    The trial is supposed to resume in Salt Lake City November 14.