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  • The Golden 25: Ebersol 20, Brooks 21


    Dick Ebersol, president of NBC Sports, has been a frequent presence on The Golden 25. (Courtesy NBC)  
    NBC Universal Sports and Olympics Chair Dick Ebersol - 20

    It has been a quiet year for Ebersol as a new guard for the Olympics leads the way to Beijing. Still, his influence and experience covering the Games since 1980 will be felt in the coverage of the U.S. rights-holding network. With the change in media coverage of the Olympics underway from traditional TV to new media, the ratings and style of coverage of NBC from Beijing will be watched closely in 2008. Some say lower TV ratings in the U.S. could set a trend for the next major round of rights negotiations, although NBC has the Games in the U.S. to 2012. In the 2007 Golden 25 Ebersol ranked 14.

    David Brooks has lived in China for more than 15 years. (Courtesy Coca-Cola)  
    VP Coca-Cola China David Brooks – 21

    David Brooks, vice president of Coca-Cola’s Olympics program in Beijing, is handling what may be the company’s largest sponsorship activation ever. The Olympic look of Coke can be seen throughout Beijing; the Olympic Torch Relay will put the soft drink sponsor in the public eye months before the Games begin. Brooks, 45, has been with Coca-Cola since 1988. He was Coke’s director of the Olympic Torch Relay for Athens. He also speaks Chinese, adding to his Beijing cachet. Brooks was not ranked in the 2007 Golden 25.

    The countdown in the Around the Rings Golden 25 continues through January 1, when number-one is named. For the list as it stands so far, click here.

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