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  • Press Release: Madrid 2016 Presents Web Portal in Arabic and Chinese


    Madrid, June 12th 2008

    The Madrid 2016 Olympic bid, due to its commitment to spread its message to as many people as possible, has launched various parts of its website in two new languages, Arabic and Chinese. The website is already available in English, French, and Spanish.

    As a result, Madrid is the only candidate city to host the 2016 Olympic and Paralympic Games that offers contents in both Arabic and Chinese.

    The sections of the website translated to the above-mentioned languages are part of the Homepage, which also contains links leading to the rest of the Olympic bid contents. The most important section, entitled “Our bid” has a wide array of information of the city’s Olympic project, divided in several translated subsections, including links entitled “What is Madrid 2016?”, “Olympic Village”, “Generation 16”, “Our team”, “Image and Slogan”, and “Paralympics”, among others. The rest of the sections can be consulted in English, French and Spanish.

    Mercedes Coghen, Madrid 2016 CEO, said she is “delighted” for the launching of the web in two additional languages, by emphasizing that it is the first website of all candidate cities to do so. “With this initiative, in which we are pioneers with respect to our competitors, we want to present our Olympic and city project, “The Games of the People”, to the whole world. As of today, we are closer to Asia, North Africa and the Middle East, as well as to those who reside in our country and need to be informed in Arabic or Chinese to better get to know us.”

    The achievement of this work has implied a huge effort to adapt the website to Arabic, due to the change in orientation (right to left) in the reading of this language. Moreover, a lot of work was put into ensuring that the sections in these new languages achieve Triple A certification, the maximum ranking in evaluating accessibility to the web by persons with disabilities.

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