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  • Sochi Update: IOC Commission, Sochi Mayor in Car Crash, Putin to Open 2014 Games?


    IOC President Says He is Planning Russia Visit

    In comments to Around the Rings, IOC President Jacques Rogge says he is planning to visit Russia in the coming weeks, probably in August. Rogge spoke in Rio de Janeiro where he attended the Pan American Games.

    But a trip to Sochi, the newly-named host city for the 2014 Winter Olympics will not take place, he says, until an organizing committee is formally established in a few months.

    Regarding the formation of an IOC Coordination Commission for 2014, the IOC President says he will be consulting with Russian leaders during his upcoming visit on who might be an appropriate chair for the group.

    Sochi Mayor Loses Daughter in Tourist Accident

    ITAR-Tass news agency reports that the four-year-old daughter of Sochi Mayor Viktor Kolodyazhny died in a St. Petersburg hospital July 21 after a car plowed into the horse-drawn carriage in which she was riding with her father and other family members.

    Tass says that the youngster, Valeriya, was thrown under the wheels of a car that struck the carriage when the driver lost control of the vehicle. The mayor is not reported to be injured.

    Condolences are going out to Sochi Mayor Viktor Kolodyazhny and his family. (ATR)  
    Concerned about Cargo Port

    The Environmental Watch for the North Caucasus has issued a statement expressing concern over plans by the regional Krasnodar Territory Administration to construct a cargo port in wetlands of the Imeretinskaya Valley, the location of the Olympic Park for the 2014 Games.

    The port will be used to receive construction materials for the project.

    “This information announced soon after the decision of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) to select Sochi as Winter Olympics-2014 Host demonstrates once again the ecological defectiveness of the plans
    A photograph from EWNC that is supposed to show the wetlands to be affected by construction of the cargo port.  
    for realization of these Games,” says the EWNC statement.

    “The cargo port is planned to construct on the most valuable part of the Imeretinskaya Lowland in respect of nature conservation - in the mouth of the Psou River - the place of location of the largest undisturbed littoral zone sites and wetlands,” says the environmental group, claiming that plants and birds will be affected by the work.

    Prediction: Putin to Open 2014 Games?

    Russian law requires President Valdimir Putin to step down when his term ends in 2008. But the speaker of the federal council says that law could be changed to allow Putin to serve at another time, perhaps in time to open the 2014 Games, for which he campaigned.

    ”Let’s elect a new president for four years in 2008 and then, re-elect V. Putin should it be his desire,” Sergey Mironov told reporters in Siberia.

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