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  • Sochi Update: No Olympics Boss Yet, Olympic Corporation, Soaring Land Prices


    Possible leaders for Sochi 2014? Deputy prime minister Alexander Zhukov and bid CEO Dmitry Chernyshenko. (ATR)  
    September for OCOG Chief

    An aide to Russian President Vladimir Putin tells Around the Rings that the choice to head the organizing committee for the Winter Games is now expected in September, prior to the visit of IOC President Jacques Rogge that is planned for late in the month.

    A high-level Kremlin meeting last week covered a range of issues for Sochi 2014.

    Among those attending were head of administration Sergei Sobyanin, deputy prime minister Alexander Zhukov, minister for sport Vyacheslav Fetisov, minister for economic development German Gref and Russian Olympic Committee president Leonid Tyagachyov.

    Sources say the OCOG leadership is likely to fall to an official who already has high ranking in the government, perhaps one of the ministers already involved with the Olympics, such as Zhukov, Gref or Fetisov.

    It is believed that key individuals with the bid, such as CEO Dmitry Chernyshenko, would still play a leading role in the OCOG.

    State Olympics Corporation

    One outcome of the Kremlin meeting last week was a decision to establish a state corporation to carry out
    Minister for economic development German Gref and Russian Olympic Committee president Leonid Tyagachev. (ATR)  
    construction for the Games.

    "It was decided late last week that all construction will be carried out by the Olympic State Corporation. It will build both infrastructure and Olympic facilities," Gref said Tuesday in comments to reporters in Sochi.

    Gref said the corporation would be formed late this year and that a new Olympic law would regulate its activity. The legislation to create the new law is to be considered in the coming weeks by the Russian Parliament.

    Readying Rogge Visit

    All Sport news agency reports that Russia NOC president Tyagachyov met with the IOC President last week in Beijing where a trip to Moscow was confirmed by Rogge.

    All Sport reports that September 27 is the date set for Rogge to meet with Putin, but Moscow will be the IOC leader’s only stop on this trip.

    Rogge has said he would wait until an organizing committee is formed before he visits the new Olympic host city.
    Land prices in Sochi are said to be booming. (ATR)  
    That opportunity could come in December when Rogge is slated to return to Moscow to attend the ROC’s annual gala.

    Buy Now for Best Prices in Sochi

    Land prices are soaring in Sochi, reports Russia Today, an English-language TV news channel.

    The report says prices are up 60 percent for the year and 13 percent in July, following Sochi’s selection as the 2014 host.

    Russia Today says experts predict that by 2014 property in the resort will be double the cost of Moscow.

    A studio apartment on the Black Sea coast currently costs around $170,000, says the report.

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