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  • Sochi Olympics Team to Be Named


    The site of the proposed biathlon venue for Sochi 2014. (ATR)  
    (ATR) The organizing committee for the Sochi Winter Olympics is expected to be named later this month, the head of the Sochi transition team tells Around the Rings.

    Dmitry Chernyshenko says that Vladimir Putin will convene
    a September 20 meeting in Sochi of the Presidential Council that will oversee Olympic preparations for the next six years.

    Chernyshenko says this inaugural meeting of the council will include the announcement of “all official appointments”.

    The meeting will come a week before IOC President Jacques Rogge visits Moscow for a day of talks with Putin on the Sochi Olympics.

    “We are in a very good shape,” says Chernyshenko, who also led the Russian bid for 2014. Sochi was elected as the host for the Winter Games on July 4, trumping bids from PyeongChang and Salzburg.

    “We haven’t lost a single day. Soon we will have an organizing committee, establish construction bodies,”
    Chernyshenko, left, with colleagues from London and Vancouver and IOC leaders at the Panasonic sponsorship launch this week. (ATR)  
    he said, noting that some construction is already ongoing.

    The construction program for the Sochi Olympics will be extensive. All venues for the Games need to be built along with extensive infrastructure, such as roads and public transit.

    Chernyshenko says the path to the Games for Sochi will be easier now that IOC is making available previously confidential information about the Olympics as part of transfer of knowledge. Chernyshenko and other officials from Sochi met last week with IOC Olympic Games Executive Director Gilbert Felli and staff from Lausanne to take the first steps in the knowledge transfer.

    “We are listening and learning,” says Chernyshenko.

    The September 20 meeting of the Presidential Council for Sochi 2014 is timed for the opening of a three-day investment forum in the Black Sea resort.

    Chernyshenko says the forum will cover commercial real estate investments. Deputy prime minister Alexander Zhukov will moderate the panel; he’s expected to play a major role in the organizing committee to be named next week.

    Chernyshenko spoke with ATR from London, where he attended the announcement for the renewal of Panasonic’s worldwide sponsorship through 2016. Panasonic now joins Coca Cola and Samsung as sponsors for 2016.

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