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  • Putin Taps Pipeline Exec to Lead Sochi Olympics Corporation


    Semyon Vainshtok will lead the state-owned company responsible for Sochi 2014 construction.  
     (ATR) The outgoing president of the Russian company Transneft will lead the state-owned company responsible for the construction needed for the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi.

    Russian President Vladimir Putin met with Transneft CEO Semyon Vainshtok Tuesday, offering him the new post.

    Vainshtok was due to step down at Transneft this week. Transneft operates the largest petroleum pipeline system in the world.

    “You have been in charge of Transneft for eight years. A lot has been done over that period, and plenty of projects important for this country have been implemented. I congratulate you on these achievements and present my gratitude,” Putin said in a statement reported by ITAR/Tass.

    The state corporation for Sochi, which has yet to be named, is one of the organizations that will be established in the coming weeks.

    Putin will lead a meeting next week in Sochi which is supposed to include the naming of key personalities who will be involved with Olympic preparation.

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