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  • Sochi Update: Olympics Leadership for Next Week


    Putin Close to Naming Sochi Team

    Valdmir Putin, currently in the midst of reshaping the federal government, will take a few more days to name the team for Sochi 2014.

    Initial reports from Sochi had indicated that Putin would name the Olympic leadership this week on the eve of a three-day investment forum in Sochi.

    The naming of the Sochi 2014 Olympics team is now set for September 24, still in advance of next week’s visit of IOC President Jacques Rogge and Coordination Commission chair Jean-Claude Killy.

    Putin will lead a meeting of his Presidential Committee on Sport and Physical Culture Development, 2014 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games Preparation next Monday when the Sochi team will be named.

    This week’s investment forum is expected to draw more than 10,000 people. With Sochi now an Olympic City, private investment is being sought to help build the infrastructure needed for the Games and the forum is one way to advertise the opportunities available.

    Abkhazia Border Plot Denied

    A report from Georgian media that Abkhazia has agreed to allow Russia to expand its border into the breakaway region is being denied by Abkhazia, Russian reports Tuesday say.

    The Georgian Times had reported that Abkhazian leaders agreed to a deal that expand the Russian border in time for the 2014 Olympics.

    Given the ongoing tensions between Russia and Georgia, any move by Abkhazia to cede land to Russia would likely be viewed as a serious provocation.

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