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  • Third Olympics Bid Is Our Best: Delanoe


    (ATR) Paris Mayor Bertrand Delanoe -- who's also head of the city's 2012 bid -- says if the challenge today had been to ensure that Paris had made improvements on its previous two bids, its mission has been accomplished.

    "If we had to improve on our third attempt then I think we have done that," Delanoe told journalists at a media briefing. "We don?t know if we will be a medalist, we will know tonight."

    Paris 2012 chief executive Philippe Baudillon believes his team's presentation successfully conveyed the bid's message to IOC members.
    "I think we gave our heart, we gave a lot of the reasons why we are bidding and why we love the games," he says. "This is what we wanted to show today and I think we?ve done it."

    Baudillon says the entire Paris team felt the pressure that had been placed on them in the presentation.

    "We are a team and the team means that the pressure ... is on everybody. But the team is so good, so great and the atmosphere is fantastic so we can face any pressure, any pressure."

    Delanoe says there was a healthy tension among team members during the presentation.

    "We were very positively tense so that we got the best out of it ... we are all human beings, let me share this secret with you," he says.

    "We wanted emotion, we wanted power in our presentation, we wanted the truth also."

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