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  • Paris Presents to the IOC


    (ATR) Paris has launched a day of final presentations to the IOC Session by the five cities bidding for the 2012 Olympics. French Mayor Bertrand Delanoe expressed thanks for "setting the bar so high" with its standards for bid cities.

    In his opening remarks for the 50 minute presentation Delanoe said the Paris bid is "based on efficiency and values", noting that the "whole of France has rallied to support this proposition."

    Delanoe was followed by a 20 minute film by Luc Besson that described the technical aspects of the Paris plan for the Games. Along with venues, the film covered transport, sustainability, marketing, media, hospitality and other points of the bid.

    Appearing in the video, Arnaud Legardere leader of the committee of French businesses supporting the bid, promies Olympics that would be "balanced between sport, sponsors and spectators."

    In his remarks, French President Jacques Chirac says "nearly 100 years after Paris firsst hosted the Olympics France is looking forward and longing to welcoming athletes from around the world."

    "France is intent on offering the world unforgettable Olympic Games," said Chirac.

    "You can put your faith and trust in France," he said.

    Chirac's remarks were followed by the closing segment of the Luc Besson film, presenting three reasons to bring the Games to Paris: history, sport and pleasure. The impressionistic segment included glimpses of Paris's Olympic past, the sports events that have been held in Paris and a final video montage depicting Parisians of all stripes accompanied by music with the lyric "Who Wants the Games?"

    "Today I have a dream that one day the Olympic Games will come to Paris,"
    says a young girl in the concluding segment as she and other children gather in a plaza in front of the Eiffel Tower.

    Speaking at the end of the presentation, IOC member Jean Claude Killy said that the Paris 2012 team is "wonderful", reflecting on his experience with three other
    French President Jacques Chirac speaks at the IOC Session. (ATR) 
    French bids.

    Mayor Delanoe promised the city's "utmost devotion" to preparing the Games in the next seven years, ending the city's IOC presentations.

    In question time following the presentation, Prince Albert of Monaco asked about the French government's position on anti-doping, Samih Moudallal asked if the government was convinced that the Olympics would provide an "economic leap" and Sergei Bubka asked about the timing of construction for the Olympic Village and whether the same services would be available for athletes at the sailing venue and satellite football venues.

    No questions were raised by the international federations.

    On behalf of the National Olympic Committees, Mario Vazquez Rana inquired about the quality of air conditioning in the Olympic Village to counter the sometimes sticky heat of the Paris summer.

    On the scene coverage from Singapore of the IOC vote for a host of the 2012 Olympics throughout the day from