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  • An Olympics Campaign For Senator Clinton


    (ATR) U.S. Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton is on the ground in Singapore to campaign for the New York City's 2012 Olympics bid. She'll meet with IOC members throughout the day on Tuesday, the eve of the vote for the 2012 host city.

    Her lobbying started just after arriving in Singapore early Tuesday morning. New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg says before Senator Clinton could get a bite of breakfast at the IOC hotel, she started speaking with an IOC member.

    "I do know some of them personally and have acquaintances with others," says Clinton. She served as leader of the U.S. delegation to the Lillehammer Winter Games in 1994, participated in the flame lighting for the 1996 Olympics and attended the Atlanta Games as First Lady with President Clinton.

    "I?m here as part of the New York City team, a team that is already strong. If I can help in these last 48 hours, that?s what I am going to do. And I'm going to be part of presenting to the IOC membership what I think is a great bid, for the greatest city," she told reporters at a packed press conference near the IOC hotel in Singapore.

    Mayor Michael Bloomberg says the Senator's appearance in Singapore is part of the city?s efforts to bring people to the IOC meeting who can "look people in the eye and make things happen afterward, and be convinced that the elected officials, the volunteers, the people that have devoted their lives to making this city work are going to be behind it."

    Clinton is the highest ranking U.S. elected official, along with U.S. congressman Charles Rangel, the dean of the New York state congressional delegation, to come to Singapore for the U.
    Senator Clinton and New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg. (ATR) 
    S. bid.

    Privately, some IOC members say Senator Clinton is a more welcome lobbyist than President Bush might have been, if he had come. Traditionally, the U.S. President has not come to IOC Sessions to lobby for U.S. bids, although President Bush will speak in the final presentation by video recording.

    Clinton and the NYC 2012 delegation left the press conference for the final rehearsal of their IOC presentation, a dress rehearsal in the same large hall where the Session begins Wednesday morning.

    Along with final presentation rehearsals, all of the 2012 cities are holding press conferences and photo opportunities in this last day before the vote, hoping to attract one last burst of media attention.

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