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  • Madrid 2012: Ready for Olympics Says Bid


    Madrid's new indoor arena opened in January this year. (ATR) 
    (ATR) Madrid 2012 says the Spanish capital deserves a turn at the Olympics as the biggest city in Europe never to have staged Games. With the slogan "We are Ready for You", Madrid says it offers existing venues and facilities to make the Olympics easy to organize.

    Madrid's public transportation is considered one of the strengths of the bid, with nearly all of the venues accessible by more than one means of public transportation. Madrid says it plans to hold the first Olympics that can be "car free."

    Madrid's concept, based on "concentration and proximity," involves three clusters, all within a 10 km radius, where most of the sports venues would be located. Travel time to any of the venues would take no more than 20 minutes.

    The Olympic Village would be constructed 600 meters from the Olympic Ring, one of the three clusters. The Village, which will have over 8,000 rooms, will be built in the east of Madrid at a cost of $487 million. The majority of Olympic events would take place in the Olympic Ring.

    Madrid will construct 17 new venues for the 2012 Olympics, with only 4 being temporary. Finishing dates of the construction vary, with projections ranging from 2006-2011. Among some of the venues that need to be finished are the Rivas-Vaciamadrid baseball and football centers, the Olympic Pavilion, aquatic center, the main press and international broadcast centers, and the volleyball, tennis, and shooting arenas.

    The bid faces some controversy due to recent bombings by the ETA, which have only caused some damage att
    The Madrid Stadium would be expanded to 80,000 seats for the Games. (ATR) 
    acks in Madrid, but Mayor Alberto Ruiz-Gallardon says the attacks will not influence the IOC?s decision. In its report, the IOC Evaluation Commission for 2012 says the city is able "to ensure a safe and peaceful Olympic Games."

    Madrid plans an operating budget of $2 billion. The city will invest $1.64 billion for non-OCOG infrastructure upgrades, and $95 million towards security. Madrid expects the Games to generate approximately one billion in revenues. This includes $535.5 domestic sponsorship, $364 million from ticket sales, and $100 million from licensing.

    Madrid would have the Olympics from Aug. 10-26 and the Paralympics from Sept. 14 to 25.

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