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  • Cities Plan Parties for Olympics Vote


    New York's Rockefeller Plaza. (ATR) 
    (ATR) NYC 2012 plans an all-night viewing party at Rockefeller Plaza for the July 6 IOC vote on the 2012 Games host city. The TV feed begins in New York at 2100 on July 5 with presentations of the five bid cities, all of which plan viewing parties.

    It will be a long night for the New York supporters. Manhattan is 12 hours behind Singapore, so the NYC 2012 presentation to the IOC will take place at 2130 and the announcement of the IOC vote some nine hours later.

    For the European cities, viewing of the Singapore events means starting the feed from 0200 on July 6 for London, 0300 for Paris and Madrid and Moscow at 0500, although it is not clear whether the European cities will telecast the city presentations as will be the case in New York.

    London 2012,
    Trafalgar Square in London is the site for the viewing party for the IOC 2012 host city vote. (ATR) 
    which will hold its viewing party in Trafalgar Square hosted by Olympian Kelly Holmes, has scheduled a midday event on July 6 timed with the host city announcement from Singapore.

    Live TV feeds from all five cities will be included in the IOC?s worldwide telecast of the host city announcement.

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