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  • Paris 2012: IOC "Appreciates Our Plan"


    Paris 2012 bid leader Philippe Baudillon. (ATR) 
    (ATR) Paris 2012 bid leader Philippe Baudillon has reason to be pleased with an IOC Evaluation Commission report that seemed to avoid even a whiff of negative comment or caution. "The IOC appreciates our plan," he tells Around the Rings.

    While the bid cities stack up against one another in many categories, the Paris report of the IOC Commission contains no cautionary remarks and extends a few superlatives the way of the French.

    Alone among the cities, the IOC report says Paris "shows careful consideration" of new guidelines adopted by the IOC in 2003 to reduce the cost and complexity of the Games.

    "We have been directly inspired by the IOC Games Study Commission," says Baudillon, mentioning the note in the report about plans to use 13 temporary venues.

    "We also have a very strong note for the plans for the environment and development," says Baudillon.

    Baudillon says the support of the bid across France and in all levels of government is also recognized in the report. Paris placed second in the IOC survey of bid city public opinion with 85% of Parisians in support.

    Baudillon also notes that government support remains, even with the change in government that?s happened in the past week.

    "Politicians can move, but the same philosophy remains," he says.

    New Prime Minister Dominique de Villepin is no stranger to the IOC commission says Baudillon, noting that Villepin met with the group during its visit in March when he served as Interior Minister.

    Baudillon says he knows each of the bids can probably still be compared fairly evenly with one another in technical asp
    Paris plans to build its Olympic Village on industrial land on the northern edge of the city. (ATR) 
    ects. What he says could make the difference for Paris is the attitude he says is expressed in the country?s desire to win the Games.

    "We demonstrate every day that France and Paris and the region, they just don?t say we want the Games, they show they want the games."

    He says the Olympics sports festival held Sunday on the Champs Elysee is one proof of that, drawing a reported 1 million people.

    Speaking at a packed press conference attended by about 150 journalists, Paris Mayor Betrand Delanoe was flush with confidence that the report had boosted the Paris bid.

    "Our team is more determined than ever," he said about the final push Paris will make towards the July 6 IOC vote in Singapore.