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  • 2012 Olympics Public Opinion: Madrid #1


    (ATR) The report of the IOC Evaluation Commission for the 2012 Olympics says public support for the Games is highest in Madrid, lowest in New York City. The results are from an independent survey commissioned by the IOC in December 2004.

    A summary of the report is included in the IOC report issued today.

    Madrid respondents in favor of the 2012 Games numbered 91%, 85% across Spain.

    Paris was next with 85% expressing favor, 89% across France.

    Moscow was third with 77% and 76% in Russia.

    London polled 68% support with 70% in favor in the U.K.

    New York City came in with 59% support and 55% nationwide.

    New York also had the highest negatives in the IOC survey, with 24% saying they were opposed to the bid. The survey says 32% of U.S. respondents were neutral or responded ?don?t know?, the highest score for indifference among the nationwide surveys.

    London opposition ranked second in the survey, 18%, followed by Moscow at 8%, Paris at 7% and Madrid with 3%.

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